Social Marketing Initiative


The basic principle followed by GDI is to enable the market to make available the best quality products at an affordable price to the Bottom of Pyramid population. All our products are the best in quality and lowest in price in the respective segments.

Our Products

Combined Medical Abortion Kit

Sanitary Napkins

Sildenafil Tablets

Premium Extra-time Condoms

Range of Products

  • Try Premium Dotted and Flavored Condoms (Extra time).Premium dotted and flavored condoms with benzocaine for extra pleasure. . MRP Rs.20 for 3 pieces. Order now
  • Try Luxury Dotted and Flavored Condoms. Luxury dotted and condoms. MRP Rs.10 for two pieces.Order now
  • Try Safe Sanitary Napkins Regular size (230cm) with dry net cover for more comfort and with SAP for longer use. MRP Rs.25 for 8 pads. Order now
  • P T Card – Pregnancy Detecting Devices Quick pregnancy testing devices with a dropper in the pack. MRP Rs.50 for one test kit. Order now
  • Safe T Pill – Combined Medical Abortion Kits
  • Try Power Sildenafil citrate 100 mg tablets. MRP Rs.100 for 4 tablets. Order now (only for doctors)